Ski Service

Give your skis a treat!

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Ski usage causes inevitable scratches, holes and dull or rusty edges. The simple fact of sliding over the snow oxydises the base and pales the colour. Neglect of material will eventually mean lower performance on the slopes. A regular checkup and repair job will nourish the base and keep it in optimal condition. Our ski workshop offers first-class service for your equipment: hole-filler, base structure, sharpened edges, waxing, etc.

Experienced servicemen and the latest technology will give your equipment its full vitality again.

Our Machinery

  • Postive and negative edge with ceramic discs
  • 2 Stone/Disc modules for structures
  • Finishing module
  • Intergrated hot wax

We provide binding safety checks using a BPA (Bureau of Accident Prevention) approved machine. The machine measures the current setting accuracy and reliability of your bindings to release when required. Make sure to have your bindings checked at the beginning of each season.