FINI LE MAL DE PIEDS! Telle est notre devise. Hefti Sports, votre spécialiste pour tous vos besoins en chaussures de ski, randonnée et snowboard. Nous procédons à une analyse complète de vos pieds pour ensuite faire un travail sur mesure basé sur la morphologie de vos pieds, vos chevilles et le bas de vos jambes.

We work using three main components, the choice of boot, the footbed and if necessary the liner. The two first aspects are key in the fight against sore feet. The liner can also be customized for a full custom product.

Choice of boot
We work with many brands and models, allowing us to find the most appropriate boot for you. The key is our analysis which allows us to find the boot with the correct volumes, widths, stiffness and purpose. Once this is done, we are able to customize various parts on the shell which is the first part of the customization.

Custom made footbeds
The footbed is just as important as the right boot. We make a mold of your foot and custom mold a footbed to the exact shape of your foot. We accentuate the support around the heel and under the arch which gives you maximum comfort, support and precision while skiing. Finally, we can add various extra supports and custom made parts. This process removes pains, aches, pins and needles and can help with cold feet. You can also insert our custom footbeds in any shoe type, for work, running and leisure.

Injected or Thermo liners
Liners are an integral part of the boot. Most touring boots are pre-delivered with thermo moldable liners. These can also be added to ski boots. They are heated for 10 minutes in an oven and are shaped to your feet. The second option is an injected liner. These are the most customized liners and are injected to perfectly fit the contours of your feet, ankles and lower leg.

Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment and we will do everything in our power to make your skiing, touring and snowboarding days and real pleasure. #heftibootdoctors